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The Virtual Bible - Abraham's Journey
The Virtual Bible

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Format: CD-Rom
ISBN: 000-000-0000
Publisher: The Virtual Bible
Pub. Date: June 2001

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From The Publisher:

Abraham's Journey is an interactive CD-ROM recreation of biblical Megiddo/Armageddon from the time period of Abraham (Middle Bronze Age). Reconstructions include 3D animations of the temple complex, gate, palace, and residence. You will trace the steps of Abraham via helicopter video from the north of Israel down to Beersheba as well as the site of Megiddo as it is viewed today.

The Virtual Bible has combined the talents of some of today's foremost biblical scholars and archaeologists with highly skilled animators to create educational and realistic reconstructions of biblical stories. These interactive CDs give you the capability of viewing how people lived in biblical times by walking through the ancient sites and picking up the artifacts from the time period. All the materials are reconstructed with the latest archaeological information. This is combined with helicopter video to emphasize the geography of land and trace the movements of the biblical stories. When merged together, they create a powerful educational tool for biblical studies for classroom instruction in your church, synagogue, or private use.



"This use of virtual reality enhances our understanding of the Bible as it provides us our first experience with a new technology that can bring the world of the Bible to life."
—Dr. Thomas R. W. Longstaff, Director, Jewish Studies, Colby College.

"The Virtual Bible is one of the most attractive and useful visual tools that I have seen in many years."
—Eugene H. Merrill, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.

"It enables you to step into the 3D context of Scripture in a way that was not previously possible."
—John Greening, National Representative GARBC

"...a very helpful tool for the student of the Bible"
—James K. Hoffmeier Professor of Old Testament & Near Eastern Archaeology Trinity International University

"Abraham's Journey is an excellent resource for church and college classes. Students give it two thumbs up."
—Richard A. Batey, W.J. Millard Professor of Religious Studies, Rhodes College

About the Authors

Dan Warner is the founder and president of The Virtual Bible, Inc. His purpose for starting The Virtual Bible, Inc. is to make the Biblical text come alive and rekindle interest among the general public in Biblical archaeology and historical geography. This we are trying to do by visualizing the material remains through reconstructing what has been "dug up," or excavated, from the lands of the Bible. Dan currently serves as adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies for Central Baptist (Virginia Beach VA), and Dallas Theological Seminary, the University of South Florida, and Spurgeon Baptist Bible College , (Mulberry, Florida). He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Spurgeon Baptist College (Mulberry, FL), a Th.M. in Old Testament Studies from Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN) and is completing a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Trinity College and University of Bristol in England.

Dr. James Strange is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. A native Texan,he studied for his B.A. at Rice University in Houston. Subsequently he took the M.Div. degree at Yale Divinity School and the Ph.D. in New Testament Studies at Drew University (1970). He has been a field archaeologist since 1969, served as Co-Director of the Meiron Excavation Project from 1971-1982, and has served as Director of USF Excavations at Sepphoris since 1983. He has also been a Montgomery Fellow at the W.F. Abright Institute for Archaeological Research in Jerusalem in 1970-71 and NEH fellow at the same Institute in 1980. Dr. Strange's research interests are in Biblical Archaeology, New Testament Studies, Christian origins and post-Biblical Judaism. His published co-authored books include Ancient Synagogue Excavations at Khirbet Shema, Israel (1976), Excavations at Ancient Meiron, Upper Galilee, Israel (1981), Archaeology, the Rabbis and Early Christianity (1981), and Excavations in the Ancient Synagogue of Gush Halav (1990). He also revised and edited H.T. Frank's Rediscovering The Biblical World. Dr. Strange's articles have appeared in journals such as the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Biblical Archaeologist, The Biblical Archaeology Review (for which he sits on the editorial board), Revue Biblique, the Israel Exploration Journal, and The Anglican Theological Review, as well as in the Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, and the Mercer Bible Dictionary. Other articles appeared in the Anchor Dictionary of the Bible (1992). Strange is also the art and archaeology editor for the Macmillan Dictionary of Formative Judaism.

Rich Whitaker studied theatre at the University of South Florida under Eldon Mecham. Just short of graduation a position as theatre technician opened up in Nashville and Rich spent the next 16 years on the road. Rich returned to the entertainment business 12 years ago with a TV series, "The Sparkle Returns". This series aired on Public and Government Access Channels and won a "Hometown USA Video Festival" award. Rich then spent 11 years working, first for Vision Cable and then for Time Warner Communications, in the Public Access program.

Future Titles Coming in this Series

Jesus at the Sea of Galilee (Capernaum) This CD will feature the following reconstructions of Capernaum, Sepphoris, and Nazareth and the Galilee boat. One will also be able to view helicopter video of these sites Jesus visited during his Galilean ministry. (Due out fall 2001)
Jesus in Jerusalem This will include a reconstruction of Herod's Jerusalem (the Second Temple). One will also be able to view aerial footage of Jerusalem as it is viewed today.
Life and Times of David and Solomon
Journeys of The Apostle Paul

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