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The Book of Acts and Paul in Roman Custody
Volume 3

Brian Rapske

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Format: Hardcover, 512pp.
ISBN: 0802829120
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: 1994

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From The Publisher:

In The Book of Acts and Paul in Roman Custody, the third volume in this ground-breaking series, Brian Rapske uses ancient literary sources and archaeological evidence to uncover important background on the custodial system of the Graeco-Roman world in order to better view Paul's persona and Christian mission. This outstanding study shows Luke himself to be keenly aware of the practical and theological threat that imprisonment posed for Paul and argues that this understanding motivated one of Luke's primary objectives in his writing of Luke-Acts — to defend or justify the prisoner missionary Paul to the reader.


"This volume fills a huge gap in our historical knowledge. Paul probably spent between a quarter and a third of the principal phase of his missionary life in custody, and yet hitherto we have had only vague or fragmentary knowledge of what that must have meant in real terms. . . .This volume provides vital scene-setting information that should and will influence all future exposition of Acts."
—James D.G. Dunn, University of Durham


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Brian Rapske is assistant professor of New Testament at Northwest Baptist Seminary in Langley, British Columbia.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
I. The Primary Sources
II. Plan of the Current Study

Custody, The Legal System and Status in the Roman World

CHAPTER 2: The Purposes and Varieties of Custody in the Roman World
I. Purposes of Custody
II. The Severity of Custody

CHAPTER 3: The Role of The Magistrate in Sending People into Custody
I. Factors in Assigning Custody
II. Prisonable Charg es
III. The Status of the Parties
IV. The Role of the Magistrate

CHAPTER 4: Paul's Citizenship and Status
I. Paul's Status as a Citizen of Tarsus
II. Paul as a Roman Citizen
III. Paul's Social Status as a Jew
IV. The Implications

Paul on Trial in Acts

CHAPTER 5: Philippi
I. The Charges
II. The Accusers
III. The Accused
IV. The Orderly Crowd
V. Punishment and Custody
VI. Fair Magistrates
VII. Paul's'Un-Roman'Behaviour

CHAPTER 6: Jerusalem
I. Initial Enquiries
II. The Fortress Antonia
III. Custody and Inquisition
IV. More'Un-Roman'Behaviour
V. Social/juridical Damage Assessment
VI. Indications of Lightened Custody

CHAPTER 7: Caesarea
I. The First Phase
II. Caesarea: The Second Phase

I. The Official
II. The Custody
III. Litigants and Charges
Conclusions to Part 2

Paul in Prison in Acts

CHAPTER 9: The Conditions of Life in Prison
1. The Physical Constraints of Imprisonment
II. Chains
III. Diet and Hygiene
IV. Stress, Distress and Mortality

CHAPTER 10: Paul's Custody in Rome
I. The Apartment Rental Market in Rome
II. Paul's Domestic Arrangements in Rome
III. Paul and the Grain Distribution

CHAPTER 11: Prison Culture
I. Prison Personnel
11. Prison Inmates

CHAPTER 12: The Shame of Bonds
I. Honour and Shame
II. Imprisonment, Bonds and Shame
III. Paul's Imprisonments and Shame Concerns in Acts

CHAPTER 13: The Prisoner's Life
I. Extended Incarceration and Its Reasons
II. Prison Pastimes

CHAPTER 14: Paul's Helpers
I. Kinds of Helpers
II. Access to the Prisoner
111. Encouraging the Prisoner
IV. The Risks to the Helper

CHAPTER 15: The Prisoner Paul's Divine Helper in Acts
I. The Prisoner Within the Divine Spotlight of Mission
II. Divine Assistance and Assurance

CHAPTER 16: Conclusion
I. The Ancient Context and the Text of Acts
II. The Missionary Prisoner Paul as Presented in Acts
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Biblical References
Index of Subjects

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