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The Book of Acts in Its Diaspora Setting
Volume 5

Irina Levinskaya

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Format: Hardcover, 284pp.
ISBN: 0802824374
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: 1996

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From The Publisher:

In The Book of Acts in Its Diaspora Setting, the fifth volume in this groundbreaking series, Irina Levinskaya provides an important new study of the relation of Jews to the societies in which they found themselves during the period of dispersion. Drawing from impressive archaeological research, Levinskaya surveys commonly held views about this difficult aspect of Jewish history and challenges particularly the views of such scholars as Feldman regarding the true nature of Jewish missionary activity. According to Levinskaya, Diaspora Jews were looking not for fromal comforts, but for "God-fearers" who helped them to maintain good relations with their neighbors and with Roman authorities. Luke shows a deep historical understanding of this situation by his close attention in Acts to the significance of this group in early Christianity.



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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Table of Contents


Diaspora Jews, Proselytes and God-fearers

CHAPTER 1: Diaspora Jews in the Book of Acts
I. Jewish Identity and the Jewish Tax: The Religious Boundary
II. Jewish Identity and the Circumcision of Timothy: The Ethnic Boundary

CHAPTER 2: Proselytes: Non-Christian Evidence
I. Epigraphic Evidence
II. Literary Sources

CHAPTER 3: Proselytes: Christian Evidence
I. The Proselytes of Matthew 23:15
II. Later Christian Evidence
III. The Proselytes in the Acts

CHAPTER 4: God-fearers: Epigraphic Evidence
I. Introduction
II. Evidence for God-fearers
III. Indirect Epigraphic Evidence for God-fearers

CHAPTER 5: God-fearers and the Cult of the Most High God
I. Pagan Background
II. Jewish Background
III. The Most High God in Acts: Pagan or Jewish?

CHAPTER 6: God-Fearers: The Bosporan Kindom
A Case Study

CHAPTER 7: God-Fearers: The Literary Evidence
I. Non-Christian Literary Evidence
II. God-fearers in the Book of Acts

Jewish Diaspora Communities

CHAPTER 8: Antioch

CHAPTER 9: Asia Minor
I. Introduction
II. Ephesus
III. Miletus
IV. Pisidian Antioch
V. Iconium

CHAPTER 10: Macedonia and Achaia
I. Thessalonica
II. Beroea
III. Athens
IV. Corinth

CHAPTER 11: Rome
I. Literary Evidence
II. Epigraphic Evidence

CHAPTER 12: Conclusion

APPENDIX 1: Syncretism — The Tern and the Phenomenon

APPENDIX 2: The Meaning of "Proseuche"
I. Criteria for distinguishing Jewish Inscriptures
II. The Meaning of "Proseuche"

APPENDIX 3: Inscriptions from the Bosporan Kingdom
I. Dedications
II. Manumissions
III. Religious Associations

Index of Greek Inscriptions in Appendix 3
Index of Biblical References
Index of Ancient Authors
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Subjects

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