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Cities of the Biblical World: An Introduction to the Archaeology, Geography, and History of Biblical Sites
LaMoine DeVries

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Format: Hardcover, 416pp.
ISBN: 1565631455
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc.
Pub. Date: May 1997

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From The Publisher:

This text is designed to introduce students of the Bible to the archaeology, geography, and history of many of the important sites of the Old and New Testament worlds. Many of these sites were centers for trade, religion, defense, culture, industry, and government. DeVries details the development of significant sites from villages and towns to cities, based on how the site could meet the essential needs of the people. The availability of water or arable land, proximity to trade routes, and easily defensible terrain were prime factors in determining a city's prominence. This study concentrates on the cities in Mesopotamia, Aram/Syria and Phoenicia, Anatolia, Egypt, and Palestine during the Old Testament period, and Palestine and the provinces of the Roman world during the New Testament period. Special attention is given to the geographical setting of the city, the history of its development, its relevance to the Bible, its distinguishing features, and any significant archaeological discoveries made at the site.


"This volume is 'user friendly' and full of relevant historical and geographical information. Readers will find cities from antiquity described in such ways that the broader biblical world comes into focus and the Bible's setting is illumined. . . . this is a handy reference volume for [readers'] perusal."
—J. Andrew Dearman, Professor Old Testament Studies, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"The book should fill an important niche in instructional work in biblical history and archaeology. It provides in one easily accessible source information that is available only in multiple sources. The next time I offer our course in Archaeology and the Ancient Near East, this book will be one of the texts."
—Bruce C. Cresson, W. W. Melton Professor of Religion and Director, Institute of Archaeology, Baylor University


readers index
Reader's Index

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About the Author

LaMoine F. Devries received his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Southwest Missouri State University. He has contributed numerous articles to books such as the Anchor Bible Dictionary, New International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Mercer Bible Dictionary, and Holman Bible Dictionary.

Table of Contents

Pt. ICities of the Old Testament World
Ch. 1Mesopotamia: Land between the Rivers5
Ch. 2Ashur: Fortified Citadel of Southern Assyria8
Ch. 3Babylon: City of Marduk13
Ch. 4Haran: City at the Crossroads in Upper Mesopotamia22
Ch. 5Mari: City of Zimri-Lim26
Ch. 6Nineveh: City of Ashurbanipal31
Ch. 7Nuzi: Community of Hurrian Customs and Traditions35
Ch. 8Ur: City of Ur-Nammu38
Ch. 9Aram/Syria & Phoenicia: Israel's Neighbors to the North45
Ch. 10Byblos: Phoenician Timber and Shipbuilding Center48
Ch. 11Carchemish: City of Decisive Battles53
Ch. 12Damascus: Caravan Center in the Oasis59
Ch. 13Ebla: Monumental City-State of North Syria during the Third Millennium BCE67
Ch. 14Sidon: Phoenician Seaport with Dual Harbors73
Ch. 15Tyre: Citadel in the Sea78
Ch. 16Ugarit: City of Baal and Center of Canaanite Religion83
Ch. 17Anatolia: Land Bridge between the Fertile Crescent and the West93
Ch. 18Hattusas: Citadel of Hittite Culture, Government, and Religion99
Ch. 19Egypt: Gift of the Nile107
Ch. 20Akhetaton: Capital of the Amarna Age111
Ch. 21Avaris: Capital during the Hyksos Period117
Ch. 22Memphis: Royal Necropolis of Ancient Egypt120
Ch. 23Pithom and Rameses: Store Cities and Border Fortresses in the Easter Delta124
Ch. 24Thebes: City of Temples, Palaces, and Tombs126
Ch. 25Palestine: Homeland of Israel133
Ch. 26Ai: Citadel of Terrace Farming during the Iron Age138
Ch. 27Ashkelon: Harbor City of the Canaanites and Philistines144
Ch. 28Beersheba: Traditional Southern Boundary of Ancient Israel150
Ch. 29Bethshan: City of the Crossroads156
Ch. 30Dan: Traditional Northern Boundary of Ancient Israel163
Ch. 31Ekron: Site of Major Olive Oil Complex in the Ancient Near East169
Ch. 32Gezer: Pharaoh's Gift to Solomon176
Ch. 33Hazor: Leading Canaanite City-State in the North182
Ch. 34Jericho: Citadel of the Neolithic Age189
Ch. 35Jerusalem: Citadel of Government and Religion in Ancient Israel197
Ch. 36Lachish: Strategic Center in the Shephelah208
Ch. 37Megiddo: City of Many Battles215
Ch. 38Samaria: Capital of the Northern Kingdom224
Ch. 39Shechem: City of Altars, Sacred Pillars, Trees, and Temples231
Pt. IICities of the New Testament World
Ch. 40Palestine: Land Bridge between East and West243
Ch. 41Bethlehem: Site of Jesus' Birth249
Ch. 42Caesarea Maritima: Seaport Gateway to Herod's Kingdom255
Ch. 43Caesarea Philippi: Capital of Herod Philip264
Ch. 44Capernaum: Home Base of Jesus' Galilean Ministry269
Ch. 45Gerasa/Jerash: An Important Greco-Roman Center on the King's Highway276
Ch. 46Jericho: Winter Palace of Herod the Great282
Ch. 47Jerusalem: Herod's Showplace of Greco-Roman Building Techniques288
Ch. 48Masada: Fortified Retreat and Recreation Center of Herod the Great299
Ch. 49Qumran: Religious Commune of the Essenes306
Ch. 50Samaria-Sebaste: Herod's Chief Building Enterprise in Samaria314
Ch. 51Sepphoris: Hometown of Joachim and Anna, the Parents of Mary318
Ch. 52Tiberias: City Founded by Herod Antipas325
Ch. 53The Roman World: Setting for the Spread of the Early Church333
Ch. 54Alexandria: Home of the Allegorical Approach to Scripture337
Ch. 55Antioch: Where Christian Doctrine Was Defended and Debated345
Ch. 56Athens: City of Gods and Goddesses, Monumental Buildings, and Temples351
Ch. 57Corinth: Shipping Link between Aegean and Adriatic359
Ch. 58Damascus: A City of the Decapolis369
Ch. 59Ephesus: Leading Seaport of Asia Minor372
Ch. 60Rome: Chief City of the Empire380
Chart of Historical Periods387
Maps and Photo Credits388
Index of Place Names389
Index of Biblical and Ancient Sources395

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